Qantas, who ran the flight, said all carbon emissions from the test would be fully offset.
Passengers were led through group exercises during the flight – including the Macarena in the economy cabin.
'WE are NOT pushovers and they MUST know that being callous and rude will NOT BE TOLERATED.'
Did you know that there are more animals than people in New Zealand? Take this quiz and test your knowledge about that awesome island in the Pacific?
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Did you know that certain brands have different names in Australia? Take this quiz and find out if you can figure out what the Aussies call these things.
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Australia has given us some ground-breaking inventions you may not know about.
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Breath-taking scenery. Rugged landscapes. New Zealand looks perfect.
🇦🇺 🌞 🐨 Aussie is known for sport, sun & seriously strange species 🇦🇺 🌞 🐨
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In a global first, Qantashas announced that passengers will finally be able to fly direct from London to Perth, Australia
As spectacularly stupid things to do go, this has to be up there. Australian news organisations are reporting that a Qantas
Qantas has announced that it'll be introducing Samsung Gear VR headsets and Samsung Galaxy Note 4s on certain long haul flights
I have a dramatic and perhaps outrageous prediction: the end of Facebook is looming. Perhaps not this month, or next, but it's coming. And when the fall does come it will be swift, and it will be brutal.
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It's a swashbuckling romance that continues to enjoy cult status to this day, but a phrase from The Princess Bride apparently
Flapping majestically in the breeze, passengers were stunned to notice a nine-foot Amethystine python attatched to the wing
Rising aviation superpower Emirates has secured a new partnership with struggling airline Qantas, following the termination
A UK-bound superjumbo carrying more than 250 passengers was forced to make an unscheduled landing after suffering mid-air
Australian airline Qantas has resumed flights, with the first London departure cleared for take-off from Heathrow. As many