A Muslim student who was excluded from school because he refused to shave off his beard has been allowed back to class, it
An habitual thief who was left so ashamed by his uncontrollable urge to steal, took the drastic step of cutting off his own
A £4.8m holy Quran theme park will open in Dubai next year. The 60-hectare park will include an outdoor theatre, fountains
When I first saw the distressing news reports on television networks that a man thought to be a British soldier had been brutally murdered on the streets of London by two men in what was suspected to be an act of terrorism I immediately had a strong feeling that the killers would claim to be Muslims.
Similarities might bring people together, but that which is different is what makes people stronger. Diversity in a number of different areas allows an eclectic band of brothers and sisters to each bring their own skills to the table.
The horrendous attack on a British soldier that took place in Woolwich was a brutal act that British Muslims, including myself, completely condemn. Many British Muslims now have to face the repercussions for the evil act that a deviant individual chose to inflict on an innocent member of society.
Whether or not students want to segregate, in a liberal and democratic society the right to practising one's faith stops where one starts imposing it on others. Contrary to what some assert, there is no right of the religiously observant to impose their sensibilities on others.
When I was a first year undergraduate student, my psychology lecturer told me that Muslim women were complicit in their own repression and did not know what it was like to be liberated. As a student of humanities and social sciences I gauged that his views were conspicuously grounded in the litany of anecdotal sources cited by the media.
As a supporter of secularism, I am willing to accept same-sex weddings in a state-sanctioned register office, on grounds of equity. As a believer in Islam, however, I insist that no mosque be forced to hold one against its wishes.
Muslim hackers have attacked the French Euromillions site denouncing gambling as "the work of the devil" and replacing text