Racial Profiling

She was stopped by police while in a car driving through Hackney.
The men were searched but police found nothing. The force says it is now investigating what happened.
Stepping out into a society that is so suspicious of your blackness feels dangerous. It feels hostile, ostracising. It is a society where you are always a suspect and where you are constantly on trial.
Shayne Holland, in what appears to be a case of racial profiling, was asked to leave the pool in his own complex by an off-duty cop.
And I can only agree. The one slither of silver lining is that our police officers don't carry guns like the trigger-happy Americans. Or the Savages of this world would be trying to justify bloodshed, instead of broken windscreens. However, rest assured that the mental wounds inflicted by officers like Savage run deep.
Correction: The headline has been changed to better reflect the sentiment expressed in the video above. NEW YORK -- Atheist
What makes them 'anti-police' (apparently) is that they challenge the misuse of those powers, sometimes emotionally, sometimes robustly, often persistently because they see that things haven't changed or they're not changing quickly enough. They're not waiting 30 years, they're raising it now, because it is happening now. If that's what makes someone anti-police then I, like 'them', am guilty as charged.
A Florida police force has been criticised after it emerged officers were using mug shots of black men for target practice
Liberals and Conservatives alike were outraged by the decision made by a grand jury in America not to charge a white New York City police officer named Daniel Pantaleo, after he placed an unarmed Blackman named Eric Garner into a choke hold and killed him. ..