Deputy president has harsh words for those who abuse children.
“The manner in which he handles it will matter more than what actually comes out."
His refusal to play it dirty may be his downfall.
The deputy president told Parliament he would "address" the issue in a day or two.
The Sunday Independent editor claims death threats have been made against him.
Assuming Cyril Ramaphosa’s private life is indeed that, who would benefit from positioning it as our business, as everyday South Africans?
The joint standing committee on intelligence said they would ask the Inspector-General of Intelligence to investigate the matter once an official complaint is laid.
"This is an attempt at tarnishing [Ramaphosa's] good image."
The content of the deputy president's speeches may be more of the same, but he never fails audiences on his delivery.
"Nobody should think they can escape the long arm of the law", says deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa.