Record Store Day

The British rapper made headlines for his behaviour towards host Katherine Ryan and an audience member during the ceremony.
Vinyl Tuesday should be celebrated as another opportunity to further bond with the new, the born again, or the lifelong vinyl junkies alike. However, it also highlights a (pardon the pun) pressing problem for the production of vinyl - the factories which pumped out little black plastic platters are fewer and farther between than during vinyl's heyday.
With bands still enthusing about recording for vinyl and a new generation embracing the physicality of a 7" single it looks like there is still a future and despite it still being the preserve of the few with downloads clocking in to the billions a year, at least it hasn't been dead and buried.
DEAL REAL, the iconic record store rooted in UK music culture from the early 2000's until its closure in 2007, returned over the weekend for Record Store Day, for a six week pop-up run.
As much as I adore my Spotify subscription for music discovery, music creators can not live off the pittance from the streaming model, which is why I buy physical when I come across a piece of music that I really want to hear it again.
When it comes to the cultural choices we make: the films and plays we see, the gigs we attend, the exhibitions we visit, the books we read, no-one really knows what they want. That's what can make cultural life rich and surprising.
Yes, I'm an ambassador for Record Store Day (that's even official). Yes, I have a single out on Record Store Day. Yes, my label is releasing a long lost track of Dub Sex (recorded by the legendary Martin Hannett, available in participating outlets). Yes, I have a list of records that are out that day that I'd like for my own collection. But does this make me biased? Yes, of course it does but it doesn't mean I can't have my say. I've heard the grumbles about there being too many releases, even conspiracy theories about major labels clogging up the schedules of pressing plants so that small labels can't get their stock in time. But, for me, these are good problems to have.
David Bowie is showing support for this year’s Record Store Day (April, 19) by releasing two limited edition 7in picture
Twenty years ago, the UK boasted a thriving record-store culture, with over 2200 indie shops and as many as three on a single block in a single small village.
We're a band that has barely left the touring circuit since our formation, so it's very natural that the seeds of songs find themselves being planted in hotel rooms, bus lounges and the backstages of venues across the globe.