Facebook owns an incredible amount of information about, and created by, its users and as a result data security is key to maintain confidence in the site. A significant data breach would mean a PR backlash, regulatory investigations and civil liability to its users for negligence and other causes of action.
Passport-free travel is one of the perks of living in the EU, so what sort of crisis would constitute a valid reason for lifting that prerogative? MEPs have been asked to consider in what exceptional circumstances member states within the Schengen area would be allowed to reintroduce internal border checks.
For much of the 20th century, the most fundamental dispute in western politics was whether we should be socialist or capitalist societies. Shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the dispute came to an end. Capitalism won.
Nutritional therapists have been condemned in a damning report for providing expensive, and potentially dangerous, dietary
Journalists have rarely ranked high in the affections of the British public. Occasionally venerated for noble efforts abroad or campaigns at home, they are mostly left to languish alongside society's bottom feeders - politicians, for example, or estate agents.
There is much debate as to what the best model of future drug control might look like, but the important thing is not the specific policy to be implemented, but the principles upon which they will be founded and the freedom for countries to experiment with new approaches.
Royal Mail could be allowed to set the price for stamps under proposals from regulatory body Ofcom to be revealed in the
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Bad businesses and bad neighbours are to be targeted by Labour leader Ed Miliband in his keynote speech
Pirelli tires are assessing their 2012 tire program for Formula One and more specifically they are looking for a tire regulation
Business groups have given a cautious welcome to plans by the government to cut bureaucracy across the retail industry. But