renewable energy

Charlotte Adams - Assistant Professor, Durham University Jon Gluyas - Durham University Fossil fuels currently dominate the
As our dependence on fossil fuels starts to decline, our need for alternatives such as solar, wind and hydroelectric will
“While others are just talking, we are delivering our energy plan,” Australian state premier Jay Weatherill according to Reuters.
Tesla have successfully completed the building phase of the world’s largest battery in south Australia, designed to store
A team of scientists have become the first people to ever complete an entire process of using solar power to convert water
The Paris Agreement on climate change gave the world real hope that through collective leadership and shared responsibility we can solve the problem that is climate change. Every nation has a part to play and its clear the UK Government needs to be doing more as a global leader on climate action.
The increasing affordability of renewables can create a virtuous circle to deliver energy access to the 1.06 billion people