Robin Hood tax

Ed Miliband has called for G20 leaders to commit themselves to a global financial transaction tax ahead of Thursday's G20
The Archbishop of Canterbury is the latest to add his voice to calls for a so-called "Robin Hood" tax on financial transactions
The Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams has thrown his weight behind the Occupy protest at St Pauls by saying that
Mr. Cameron, it is difficult to reconcile your words in your June 2010 speech with the actions of this government. People are hurting and if you meant what you said, then your government actions must match the words.
Over the lifetime of the Labour Government, huge investment has transformed the NHS, cutting waiting lists and times, and equipping it with staff and resources fit for the 21st century. I believe it would be a criminal dereliction of duty if the present government threw all that away for the sake of narrow political dogma.