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Black writers criticised the decision to scrap a 1988 show featuring two characters in mud masks as "counterproductive" and "stupid."
Many took issue with the magazine’s description of the 20-year-old billionaire.
Marvel announced on Friday that the Dora Milaje, AKA the badass female warriors from “Black Panther”, are getting a new comic miniseries, starting with the book Wakanda Forever: The Amazing Spider-Man.
Why is it that Feminism is a word with negative connotations? If you ask the British public whether they are in favour of equality the vast majority will say yes, they definitely are. They will rightly argue that we fought for it in the past and we pursue it in the present for ourselves and future generations. Now ask them if they are a feminist...
Queen Bey recently displayed her feminist credentials in neon lights at the MTV Video Music Awards. She's a great medium to deliver the feminist message, but does it matter that she clearly benefits from people objectifying her (not to mention benefits from being married to a rapper who made millions singing about bitches, hoes and pimpin')?