Russell Kane

Comedian Russell Kane challenges one man to break a sweat while getting jobs done at home.
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A teenager has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.
Tenants are believed to be renting out the house in east London
Russell Kane, English comedian, writer and actor, vlogs about how he never wanted to be a comedian, who inspires him, and why you need to be "a bit shameless" if you want to make it in showbiz.
'I can’t be the only person that didn’t feel that.'
Russell Kane has opened up about his upcoming episode of ‘Drunk History’, revealing the beyond horrifying events that occurred
Russell Kane has said he finds it “distasteful” when parents say they “finally know what real love is” after the birth of
I grew up watching Jim Davidson. I had even met him once when I was about 14 on a school trip when he told a girl in year 11 she had "big tits for her age." (In his defence, I don't think she looked 16.)