Sam Bailey

Sam Bailey is reported to be in an 'unbeatable' position on this year's 'X Factor' and is set to win the series after voting
This week the acts are laid bare, no backing tracks and nowhere to hide. Just the power of a thirty piece big band for company
Strobe lights and garish get-ups gave way to side partings and swing as 'The X Factor' ditched last week's disco theme in
"And he [my husband] said, 'Let's just do a demo, let's give it a try and we'll see after.' The demo is actually the real
Michael Bolton has gushed over 'X Factor' hopeful Sam Bailey, claiming he would with with her "in a heartbeat". The moment
It's time to get out those flared trousers and platform shoes... fluff up the hair and put the roller skates on... it's disco week.
Hannah Barratt took on a big Adele song and pulled it out of the bag. Fantastic vocal performance from a young starlet, destined to be a big success in the industry.
Sam Bailey's epic performance of 'Titanic' song 'My Heart Will Go On' was praised as "better than" Celine Dion's own famous
Last weekend we went back in time to the eighties. This week it's all about the love and heartache.
X Factor's Shelley Smith lost out in the first flash vote, as the live shows kicked off on Saturday night. The 34-year-old