You might think that Instagram is just for heavily-filtered brunch snaps and smug selfies, but scientists have found that
Today, Monday was Samaritan's Awareness Day. So what? And what even is that? I can actually hear a few of you saying this
'The person sitting in front of you could be in real need of a chat.'
Suicide prevention charity Samaritans is calling on hairdressers and barbers across the UK to help let people know that listening
'I do not ask for sympathy. I ask for your support for action to reduce the number of people who take their lives.'
Labour MP Liz Twist used her maiden speech to reveal her husband Charlie took his own life and call for “deeds as well as
After going on the course, it wasn't long before I was putting my skills into action. We'd had a report about a man drinking on a bench on a platform. It was late at night, he was alone, and there were no trains due to stop at that platform... Thinking back to that night, I believe my Samaritans' training was invaluable and changed the way I approached the whole situation.
It's not just the actors' words that are important, it's the way that scenes are shot too. For example, Scott's actual suicide attempt wasn't shown on screen. That's important because research shows that by highlighting a method you risk others being encouraged to think about trying to end their life that way and even making an attempt themselves.
That all changed when I answered a call from the Hollyoaks press office asking me to watch four episodes before they aired. The story line they wanted my opinion on involves main character Scott Drinkwell, played by Ross Adams, a prominent LGBT+ character.