Questions are worth asking when articles are being written with the main intention of maximizing shares. Journalism must evolve with the times, but if we are to reach the post-post-truth era, it must do so responsibly and not let its standards fall in the process.
A satirical take on what we think Eskom CEO Brian Molefe's Facebook page would look like.
If we were the ghostwriters of Brian Molefe's Facebook account, this is what it would say.
You know what they say: "All close-minded things must come to an end." Or, wait, is it, "Don't cry because it's over, be
Image courtesy @Olumencia via, Public Domain Now life is imitating art, as witches in the Muggle world
Never has a generation held so many useless, unused degrees and yet felt so entitled to having it all. Unfortunately selfishness just might be our legacy. Our tombstones would read "A bunch of educated fools.", if anyone were around to see them.
With just days to go until the swearing-in of President Trump on January 20, the world waits with bated breath to hear the
Each of the four notes features a tiny portrait of Jane Austen in the fiver's transparent window (roughly the size and location
Why politics in South Africa and the United States demand satirical television
2016 is the year that will re-style the world and make Vogue's 'September issue' look nothing short of an A6 flyer for a