Scottish Labour Party

Jeremy Corbyn today said it was not the time to “retreat, run away or give up” despite the “disappointing” by-election defeat
The highlight of the show was an interview with Labour’s Shadow Attorney General Shami Chakrabarti. The clips speak for themselves
  The original comments had left many Scottish nationalists, including First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, angry. Sturgeon tweeted
For too long Labour, as a national party, has tried to be everything to everyone and pitch itself as an antidote to the cruel and bitter Tory cuts, while at the same time joining the Tories in smears, knee-jerk reactions and adopting shiny posters and Americanised slogans supposedly designed to appeal to voters.
Scottish Labour MPs have slapped down their party colleague Diane Abbott after she accused Jim Murphy of trying to "expropriate
The SLP has always been best when it's been boldest, such as when they brought in free healthcare for the elderly, abolished student fees and introduced the smoking ban. Unfortunately little of that boldness has remained since they entered opposition.
My piece on Calman yesterday had an interesting sequel. Tom Harris MP - Westminster's answer to the danger's of a Scottish
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