Search and rescue

The car was first spotted floating in the river on February 1.
Two 14 year old boys were saved from being swept out to sea over the weekend by the Lyme Regis RNLI crew. Both the boys went for a swim to cool off as the UK sizzled in the heatwave, but were soon swept away to sea by strong current. They struggled to swim in the cold waters but were safely rescued and brought ashore.
On average 17 men disappear each year after, and most are later found dead in rivers and canals.
Search and rescue efforts to find the more than 300 people missing after a mining dam collapse in Brazil, have resumed. They were temporarily halted when local authorities ordered the evacuation of over 24,000 residents over fears that a second dam may collapse. The order was called off and rescuers have returned to searching. The death toll stands at 58 and is expected to rise as areas dry out and search teams can access more of the Brumadinho village.
A Lion Air flight is believed to have crashed into the sea off Jakarta, Indonesia, with 189 people reported to be on board. Search and rescue operations have begun, while some personal belongings and debris has been found in the water around the suspected crash site.
The brand new aircraft lost contact with air traffic control just 13 minutes after takeoff.
Over 800 people have been confirmed dead in Palu, Indonesia after a 7.5 magnitude earthquake triggered a tsunami. With large areas inaccessible to search and rescue efforts, there are fears that the death toll will rise sharply.
Tactical Robotics' Cormorant drone is a remotely controlled/automated flying ambulance that just successfully carried out its first simulated rescue.