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Google's offering is so much more than simply search now that the prospect of them suddenly losing everything is minimal, if not nearly impossible.
The 'right to be forgotten' law is now in full swing. Google has removed more than 60,000 web links and some days it seems like every search you do has the italicised warning at the bottom of the page: Some results may have been removed under data protection law in Europe. Learn more. Strange wording isn't it? Let's face it - some results have been removed, Google, or the italics of doom would not be there.
Answer boxes are the boxes that appear at the top of the organic search results and attempt to answer the question in the query... most of these queries exist around answers with a fairly solid factual base, but Google's current focus on understanding the meaning behind searches and how prominently they are displayed means that ever greater importance is placed on high quality content.
After a decision by a European court, Google has recently been forced to remove links to certain content on request. Known
Google has launched a new form to allow EU citizens to request information be removed to protect their reputation. The move
Internet giant Google is asking the High Court to block a breach of privacy legal action launched against it in the UK by
Internet searches for child abuse images will be blocked for the first time by Microsoft and Google after months of mounting
To help you make something of a more informed choice, here are my top five pointers for choosing your next SEO firm.
The porn industry is huge, and the online world has made it even easier to get your hands (or your eyes) on it, and if you want to indulge in it for free, you can do that too. It doesn't take a great deal of effort to get past the adult security measures.
When it comes to search results returned by the world's largest search engine, businesses in all online verticals such as news or mapping have a right to be given just the same treatment as Google's own products - a right which Google yet has to recognise.