It's surprising to see a magazine in which 'health' is usually code for 'petite' celebrate a healthy plus-size woman.
Have you ever wondered why your face looks just a little different in photos than it does reflected in the mirror?
We are perpetuating a narrative that is holding us ALL back from thriving
I do get curious when women are so often seen belittling or mocking other women displaying characteristics that are usually
Transformation is not about what happens to us but what make of it. Inevitably, we have to decide what we want our lives to be about apart from everything we have known. We need to consider that we have the right to create something with our own hands and our own thoughts. We might have to leave everything, we might need to invent our lives but in any event the first step is to lay claim to ourselves.
This April we're running a Fitspiration campaign, where we're championing fitness as a positive addition to life rather than
This idea of where I feel most at home is often on my mind when I return to Sydney. I always have this need to reconnect, not only with my family, but also with myself. It's a chance to reflect on where I came from and where I am now in my life.
Truly, it had not occurred to me that the bare-faced selfies were in any way attempting to compare 'a face with no makeup' to the savage physicality of cancer. The two are clearly on different continents. Cancer is a bit of a spectre in my family. I do not put forward my point of view lightly.
My family has always been filled with an extraordinary amount of love... but becoming a mummy helped me to see that LOVE is number one when it comes to impacting a life. Love is simply awesome. It is a safety net for the human soul.
If you haven't checked out Vine, I recommend it. You get 6.5 seconds to make a simple stop and start, edit when filming, movie. You touch the screen and it records, lift your finger from the screen and it pauses. That's it, 6.5 seconds of barbaric jump-cuts. What's weirdly enchanting is its absolute gluttony.