I have no standing in passing judgement on the actions of those entrusted with making enormously difficult decisions, most of which are far beyond my comprehension. However, I do believe I am entitled, just like every other person, to ask the question of why the UN has not been sacked?
The challenge presented by Serbia's accession is symptomatic of a larger problem that has become apparent as the EU's frontiers have expanded. Almost all European countries outside the EU want the rights and opportunities that come with full membership.
The TWO things you need to know on Friday 20 December 2013... 1) THE END OF FREE MOVEMENT IN THE EU? You might know that
On Sunday, those living in the north of Kosovo took to the polls for the time since 1999 to elect a Mayor who would govern under the jurisdiction of Pristina. The problem was that not many of them went...
Stretching across the river Ibar is one of the most politicised spaces in Europe, a little known city named Mitrovica in northern Kosovo. You might be mistaken for thinking that this antithetically tranquil river marks the border between two countries; the signs are deceptive.
The past three months of my life have been engaged in managing and shaping a fascinating project called films4peace, which reaches its fruition this weekend on the UN's International Day of Peace on 21 September. It's an unusual beast: the brainchild of the highly creative South African curator and art historian Mark Coetzee...
Gareth Bale was recently unveiled by Real Madrid as the world's most expensive player in football history. But he failed
Beyoncé kicked off her world tour on Monday – and pulled out all the stops to ensure there was no repeat of her “muscly” appearance
Although I was only in Bosnia and Herzegovina a short time it became very apparent, very quickly, just how important these loans are, with one of the entrepreneurs telling me she literally sees this as the only option for women in Bosnia to make a living.
A Serbian pensioner has fulfilled his late wife's wishes by having a likeness of her vagina engraved on her tombstone. Milan