sharia law

It is possible that some women collude in misogyny because they agree with it. They believe themselves inferior and worthy of punishment because that is all they have ever known. Tell people something often enough - especially if it comes, as it so often does, from religion - and many will believe and embrace it.
Millions of Muslims the world over live in fear of sharia law. Many are standing up and fighting for human rights. If we truly believe in those rights - if we believe in a common humanity - we must stand up and fight with them.
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Every morning before Saba Sahar leaves for work, she loads her pistol, says her prayers and kisses her family goodbye, knowing she might never see them again.
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A British engineer faces prison in Abu Dhabi after cursing a Mosque project that was running late. He was reported to the
Staying in Afghanistan has been hard, but getting out may yet prove politically to be the greatest challenge of all. According to a poll undertaken by YouGov-Cambridge, 56% of the British public think Nato and the UK should not negotiate with the Taliban if it means giving up on promoting human rights in Afghanistan.