Sharm El Sheikh

The authorities say diving is 'no problem.'
EasyJet and British Airways have cancelled all flights between the UK and Sharm el-Sheikh until early 2016. No EasyJet flights
It is in the interest of us all that Sharm stays on the menu as an affordable winter sun destination.  We must not allow our world and our choices to become increasingly limited and restricted and the key to fighting this particular and unprecedented scenario is communication. 
Thousands more Britons have returned home from Sharm el-Sheikh as airlines delayed the resumption of flights from the UK
I started out feeling scared - of the foreboding mountainous landscape and the dark drive from the airport through it; of the inevitable street hassle one gets as a European walking past Egyptian shops. On my first trip I even had a panic attack because a guy offered me tea in the back of the shop and I suddenly had visions of him bundling me off in to the desert.
Hundreds more Britons are expected to return home from Sharm el-Sheikh on Monday, following a plane crash last week which
Hundreds more British holidaymakers have been flown back to the UK as "overwhelmed" security staff at Sharm el-Sheikh airport
Egypt's civil aviation minister confirmed on Saturday an unidentified noise was picked up by the cockpit recorder in the
A Thomson flight from London Stansted came within 1,000ft of a missile while en route to Sharm el-Sheikh, it has been claimed
A bomb downed the MetroJet plane that crashed in Egypt on Saturday, according to analysis of the flight date recorder. The