Shirley Williams

Baroness Williams was one of the gang of four founders of the SDP.
Forces to log incidents from this autumn, pending possible change to wider law.
The 2017 General Election saw 92 MPs elected to the Commons for the very first time. In a series of exclusive interviews
Government slammed for running 'disgusting virtual sweatshops'.
The Conservative government has been slammed using immigration detention centres as “virtual sweatshops”, after a minister
Victim whose ordeal sparked change in law welcomes change
Stalkers are to face a new maximum jail sentence of 10 years after ministers caved to pressure from a cross-party campaign
Shirley Williams, one of the House of Lords' longest serving peers, has delivered an impression of Donald Trump - and she
In concluding, I hand over to my colleagues here, careful and very cherished support for the great public institutions I have spoken about which are part of the warp and the weft of this country's whole being and who texture and quality. And I ask them to think very hard before allowing the United Kingdom to withdraw from what I believe to be its major duty to the world, which is the one it will encounter and then deliver through the European Union.