If you don't have the chorus stuck in your head by the end of the day, we don't know what to tell you.
“Sometimes I call Comcast and add sports channels just so I can pretend to have a boyfriend."
Your family probably knows better than to bring up politics at the holiday dinner table.
And women aren't in a hurry to couple up, a new study says.
I feel like with this being me writing this it should read: "When I was nine, I went to see my first musical" but I am about to drop something big. Something so unexpected. Something so out of character. I went to see my first musical last week - and the grand old age of 31.
"When I think I'm winking, I'm actually just blinking."
Right now social media is buzzing with singletons looking for a cuddle buddy to get them through the cold months, it’s safe to say the thirst is real.