Therese Coffey said workers at risk of losing their jobs will have transferrable skills.
"If it told him to roll his eyes, he did. It did not require any particular skill or experience to do that."
The annual report ranks the wealth and productivity of a country, and shows how good its long-term economic policies are. But even though we may perceive ourselves as forward-thinking, we aren't beating the likes of Singapore, Japan, and The Netherlands. So what's the secret for reaching the top?
When I first read Ken Doherty's quote it struck an immediate chord - there are so many lessons from sport that can help us to win in business. Stamina, Speed, Strength, Skill and Spirit - each on its own will propel us forwards, but together the five S's have the potential to be a winning formula.
The ability to hear any word, then say it backwards, isn't exactly the most useful skill in the world - but it is a damn
Everyone loves a good cup of tea. In fact, it's hard to imagine something more pleasurable than a good cup of tea, well-made
A combination of caffeine and carbohydrates is the key to boosting sports performance, a new study has found. This means