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A BBC Question Time audience member was widely condemned last night for suggesting people only use foodbanks because they
The forthcoming TV series Guerrilla, written in large part and directed by Oscar-winner John Ridley and starring Freida Pinto
Ofcom has been warned the attempted takeover of BSKYB by Rupert Murdoch is a defining test of “its capacity and strength
Whether you’re a fan of the service or not, Sky has defined the way that we consume television in the UK. It has first and
Just two days to go... Maybe you've heard about the 10 marathons I'm walking in 10 days to raise funds for Prostate Cancer UK? Why am I doing it? Everybody must know somebody who suffers from prostate cancer. One man dies every hour from this disease, that's six in the course of my Soccer Saturday show every week.
Sword fights, dragons, incest, murder and magic in the air? Then one thing’s for certain: 'Game of Thrones', the epic fantasy
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The new Premier League season's live TV fixtures are out and Manchester United fans can find out who Louis van Gaal's team