Social democracy

Labour can choose between the dream of a better world represented by the 1945 manifesto and the Bevanite platform of the 1950s or, instead, the more cautious demands of social democracy
Do the streets belong to those demanding full rights for the LGBT community, or Hitler-saluting fascists?
Central European social democratic parties haven't been so lucky, however, and PvdA's dismal defeat shows the grim future facing the centre-left in multi-party systems. With PvdA set to spend the next parliamentary term away from the action on the backbenches and the French Socialist Party likely to suffer a similar fate in the upcoming presidential and legislative elections, social democracy has collapsed into a deep hole from which it may never be able to escape.
We Liberal Democrats are the only party which stand for hope, rather than fear. So, be hopeful. If we have the faith and commitment we can change course. We can and must build a better Britain, in a fairer world. Lets do it together!
Changing the captain, whether to Miliband or Smith, means nothing if the ship stays on the same doomed course. As a captain Jeremy Corbyn is certainly not beyond criticism, and I have been more than happy to criticise him at times. But his politics are a new map for the Labour Party, for a route that we can all take together.
This is the first challenge for Jeremy Corbyn's new politics. He must reconnect to a base preoccupied with concerns of nationhood, immigration and the economy, before broadening out to speak to the concerns of the middle classes if his political project is to make a difference. Our sister parties across Europe must do the same, though just because the problems are universal, the solutions may not be...
Jeremy Corbyn is coming to a town near you and he's eating human babies. Once he's finished devouring the nation's infants he'll crash the entire economy, close the banks and light bonfires piled high with savers' cash, just because he can.
Britain's economy is recovering, we're told. More people in Britain are now in work than ever before. We have "growth". Whoopee! Why then do I (and just about everyone else I know) feel such disquiet?
Should social democrats (like myself) be quietly thanking David Cameron for delivering us an early Christmas gift by blocking the passage of a bloated and wasteful EU budget? Not quite, if Santa Cam has his way this gift will be a Trojan Horse.
What Miliband's speech outlined for the conference delegates and the country at large was reheated Blairism, confirming that in the struggle for the soul of the Labour Party after his election as leader of the party in 2010, the Blairites have won.