soft play

The dirtiest pit was found to contain 170,818 bacteria per ball 😱
I swear time runs at a different speed
We all do it, don’t we? That first time we hold our new-born child we promise it the world. We swear to protect it, guide
Like any parent who happens to be hanging on to the loose threads of their sanity, I loathe soft play with every fibre of
Dear dad, you look like a nice guy. You're well dressed, as is your kid. He came to you for comfort, he came to you for a cuddle, to tell you he'd been hurt. He wanted your reassurance, your love, your comfort.
With indoor soft play, survival is all about mental preparation. You need to be prepared for the shit that is about to get real.
Soft Play; time for joyous play for minors and an opportunity for you to see your little one engage in safe learning or an example of 'top-dog boy-child triumphs over all and self indulgent parent slurps coffee' time? #controversial
Hey kids, listen up. We all love soft play, right? You can run indoors. Really fast. And not get told off. You can climb up stuff, jump down from stuff, and you can be loud. Anything your Mum won't let you do at home, you can do here. So here it is the definitive guide to soft play through the ages.
We recently attended a private play session at a local soft play centre; this was for children with additional and special needs, their siblings and parents. My youngest son Tom, aged 5 has Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)