Soho Theatre

Most will be aware of Rob Delaney through his Twitter exploits; a prolific tweeter who has amassed over 600,000 followers, Delaney has risen from relative obscurity to be crowned as Comedy Central's 'funniest man' on the social networking site.
Indeed 'Blink' highlights the ultimately fake and shallow nature of viewing a life through a screen, or attempting to interact with someone at a distance. There is a danger that the real thing turns out to be less than expected, as fantasies and projections used to fill out gaps in the story turn out to be misplaced or unfounded.
A bespectacled scientist stumbles onto the stage and introduces a celebrity hypnotist; it all spirals out of control, chaos ensues, a man ends up dead, setting the tone nicely for an evening of surrealism and absurdism.
Audiences rarely believe I'm both Jewish and Welsh. They think I'm just doing it as a joke. Can you imagine, going on stage and just doing something as a joke? I am, of course, genuinely both Jewish and Welsh.
The Ukraine has, long before the England football team's fantastic visions of the semi-finals, been the subject of another sort of vision.
Twenty-four hours ago I was a naïve child: I knew nothing of the domestic storage world, nothing of the joys of effective food preservation... in short, compressible Tupperware was yet to touch not only my hands, but my very soul. Such was the selling prowess and stage authority of Dixie and her Tupperware Party.
'We hate poetry that has a palpable design upon us': John Keats' self-assured proclamation is nakedly emblazoned across two
I don't remember a great deal about 7 Day Drunk. This may be the most ill advised opening sentence to a review ever, but stay with me if you can. I don't remember a great deal about 7 Day Drunk because, like a lamb to the liver slaughter, I got 'involved'.