Solange Knowles

With Jay Z and his not-all-that-happy sister-in-law dominating the celebrity pages, and a hero cat called Tara on the front pages (remember when it was only the internet that loved cat videos?!), serious news was in short supply this week. Or it might have felt that way. Meanwhile, a group of people whose names you quite probably don't know, were taking part in a televised debate to help decide who runs the European Union.
As we know, in this day in age nothing is private. If Beyoncé is going to share her marriage, her husband, her pregnancy, (remember she announced it during her performance on stage at the MTV awards) and her holiday photos with the world then you can't blame people for any further interest.
Jon Stewart talks Solange on 'The Daily Show' Another theory was then offered, first reported earlier this week, suggesting
BeyoncĂ© on Saturday night, where her tattoo looks more faded than usual The number ‘4’ obviously holds a place close to Beyoncé’s
The Standard Hotel have confirmed that they have identified and fired the employee responsible for leaking the video which
Keith Lemon has poked fun at Solange and Jay Z, staging a recreation of the video obtained by TMZ, which appears to show
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Solange Knowles appears to have deleted all traces of her famous sister Beyoncé from her Instagram page after footage emerged
Solange Knowles was involved in an argument with fashion designer Rachel Roy moments before her alleged attack onJay Z, according