sophie walker

The government has set out its new points-based immigration system, which includes a salary threshold of £25,600. Home secretary Priti Patel has suggested that staff shortages resulting from lower immigration can be filled by people who are “economically inactive” in the UK. We spoke to Sophie Walker, Chief Executive of the Young Women’s Trust, to hear how these new policies will affect women most of all.
It’s better to have headline figures than none at all but they aren’t the full picture, Young Women’s Trust CEO Sophie Walker writes.
Two years after #MeToo, women still don't feel able to call out harassment in the workplace.
Women make choices in a context. It’s time to fix the context, instead of fixing the women, Young Women's Trust CEO Sophie Walker writes.
As governments battle to protect men’s jobs in manufacturing and steel, there's eerie silence over the 6,000-odd women's jobs lost at the travel group, Sophie Walker writes.
Facing workplace discrimination and inadequate welfare systems, women are increasingly feeling ignored and let down by our system, writes Sophie Walker
“I think that sometimes in order to lead, you have to get out of the way."
Survivors, campaigners and counsellors have experienced a whirlwind 12 months.
I can never pin down the exact moment that I started identifying with feminism. I remember hearing about it as a young girl
'The vast majority of the billionaires hiding their wealth offshore are men.'