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Does the secret UFO report from the 1970's prove that NASA sent astronauts to another planet (not the Moon) to meet with
Lightning looks pretty cool from the ground. It looks awesome on a volcano. From space? It looks like an alien nightmare
The universe is about 13.8 billion years old, give or take a few million years. By comparison our Earth is only about 4.54
How does reason emerge in a chaotic universe of barely-explicable physical laws? Quite easily, a researcher has claimed. The
An asteroid will fly over our heads today at a (completely safe) distance of 750,000 miles. The asteroid (2004 BL86) is about
Everyone loves a good comet - so you might be surprised that there's actually a very decent one burning in the night sky
The galaxy is many things. It is very large. It is very confusing. And it may also be an enormous, confusing but maybe navigable
The universe is large. Very large. How large? This large. This is a zoom-in video of a 69,536 x 22,230, 1.5 billion-pixel
Virgin Galactic's new spaceship is starting to take shape, following the crash of its test craft SpaceShipOne on 31 October
The object below is not a planet. Or a moon. Or an asteroid. It's sort of all three at once. Officially known as a dwarf