Harry Redknapp has always been full of surprises and once again he hasn't let us down. But is his departure really as bad for Tottenham as it's being made out to be? Yes, but then again, not really.
Harry Redknapp has been sacked by Tottenham Hotspur and despite the chirpy soundbite he gave outside his home this morning
Ledley King has been released by Tottenham Hotspur after 13 years in the club's first team. King, 31, has struggled with
As Martin Atkinson inexplicably gifted Chelsea a second goal in the FA Cup semi-final at Wembley, the ensuing thrashing was as inevitable as the galvanized clamour for goal-line technology that would follow.
At the risk of hyperbolising, the year 2012 is one that could shape Tottenham's destiny for the coming decade and beyond. Mediocre for the majority of the 90s and early millennium, Spurs are no longer regarded as perennial underachievers, destined to finish the season in mid-table.
If I were Daniel Levy I'd be running, bank account details in hand, to the FA to negotiate the immediate release of Harry Redknapp. I say negotiate, Levy has a reputation for getting big money for average players and with Redknapp and the FA it would be nothing less than profiteering.
Three months short of his 22nd birthday, with six unspectacular loan spells under his belt and only 75 seconds of Premier League football, Jake Livermore looked every inch the failed academy graduate destined for lesser things, albeit one that had hung on a year or two longer than most.
Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp has admitted he feared the worst after seeing Fabrice Muamba being treated on the White Hart
Next time you sit down with a pint or two in the pub and start slagging off your team's manager think of Tolstoy, general Kutuzov and this blog post and have a nice game of darts instead...
For the past 12 months being an Arsenal fan hasn't been particularly fun. This, I fear, is what mediocrity feels like. And I think we may have to get used to it.