st george's day

Inspired by Greg Jenner's St George's Day blog post, we asked you to vote for a new patron saint of England - and you did
St George may not have even been English, and the dragon may not have existed either, but that's no reason not to celebrate
Horrible Histories' Greg Jenner has recently put forward a very decent case against St George being the patron saint of England
Hi, my name's Greg, and I'm embarrassed to be English... Now, before you say anything, it's not just because of Piers Morgan. Alas, Britain is a union under threat, and if Scotland withdraws in 2014 then that union will likely collapse. Under such circumstances, I will be forced to call myself English. This will cause me acute concern, partially because Americans will confuse me Hugh Grant, but mostly because of this... I am ashamed of the St George's Cross flag. I'll pause there, so you can fetch the kindling for my pyre...
Devolution affected the politics of the United Kingdom's four constituent nations in fundamental ways. Most obviously, the