stansted 15

They cut through the airport's perimeter fence and locked themselves together around a Boeing 747 jet.
I was lucky enough to wake up in my own bed the day after sentencing. But the outcome of our trial was a partial victory in a world full of heartbreaking contradictions.
Cause for some celebration then, that none of them will be going to jail? A bullet dodged, a tragedy averted, a happy ending? Well, not really.
Devastation caused by global capitalism creates forced migration and makes it impossible for people to survive in their homelands – and look what happens when they arrive here
Human rights organisations on Wednesday urged judge to show leniency toward the defendants.
Sooner or later, our struggle related to this trial will be over – but the wider struggle against the hostile environment must continue
We are now in uncharted waters. The conviction of peaceful protesters on this excessive charge will send shivers down the spine of anyone who cares about the right to protest in our country.