The place Since I've moved to Cape Town, South Africa, now a year ago, I've been bragging about what an amazing place this
For the record I'm not remotely interested in taking anyone's statue down. It's just high time we got some new ones. So that school kids in Hackney, Liverpool and Manchester can look up to people who look a bit more like them; people who achieved great things and are finally recognised as having done so.
A man has been killed after giant crucifix, erected in honour of the late Pope John Paul II, toppled on top of him. The 30
The ten things you need to know on Friday 8 March 2013... 1) DID CLEGG AND CABLE KNOW? They may like to think they occupy
We've had milking, planking, owling and photoboobing. Now the latest idiotic internet craze is to pretend you're being attacked
Film director Michael Winner has proposed that a permanent memorial be made to the policeman shot by Raoul Moat. Mr Winner