Read more on The Huffington Post Having a one night stand can be great. You get a no-strings orgasm (hopefully) and you don’t
Condoms have been given their first makeover in 70 years and the new design is so strong you “can’t break it with a needle
Today is national STI day, and Ladies and Gentlemen, two weeks after the intense partying over New Year, it might be time to think about your sexual health.
During the Christmas period, the number of sexually suggestive perfume advertisements doubles in number. Such famous examples are Jean Paul Gaultier whose naked vixen wakes up alone after a night with a sailor suggests that sex with an unknown companion is perfectly acceptable. At least over 75% of perfume adverts give that same message to young people.
Efforts to persuade teenagers to have safe sex and to use health-screening services seem to be having a positive effect. Looks like that bloke who said "education, education, education" might have gotten something right after all. So, if you have a teenager, here's ten things you need to know before they become sexually active.
Being too embarrassed to come forward can be potentially very dangerous, particularly when it comes to sexual health. Public Health England* recently released its latest statistics on STI diagnoses rates, which were widely reported in the media. It illustrated that there is still a widespread problem of people having unsafe sex
Birmingham has taken the dubiously diseased topspot in a poll to identify the STD capital of the UK. Data taken from 5,000
I first worked with Yorkshire comedian Charlie Chuck in 1990, before his cult-creating TV appearances on The Smell of Reeves