step family

It's been accused of discriminating against modern families.
I can't put myself or my children through that again.  Promising my little girl I'd be picking her up from school then disappearing in an ambulance and not seeing her for days at a time whilst she had no idea why or when I was coming home was too much.  She was devastated.  Putting my body through that has left a lasting impact to this day that genuinely makes us fear for my life.
It is important to remember that your new partner is not replacing your ex-partner. They are a great support to you in looking after the children, but don't take them for granted. This is why it's so important to include them in any plans involving the children.
I'm a stepmum, even though I hate calling myself that because it conjures up images of an evil stepmother that I sincerely
When famed NASCAR driver Brian Scott married his wife Whitney Kay on a snowy January day last year, he took a moment to make
The Office of National Statistics has revealed that the number of stepfamilies in the UK dropped from 631,000 in 2001 to 544,000 in 2011, a slump of 14% in just a decade. The drop has been interpreted as a reflection of the difficulties of assimilating children from different families into a new relationship, so if you are planning on doing a Brady Bunch, here's ten things you need to know...