We made sure everyone felt they were being treated fairly. Bedtimes were based on age, not on whether a child was step or bio. Rules were applied equally to everyone, as were consequences for disobeying rules. I didn't go easier on my bio kids than my steps and my husband was the same.
There are a lot of factors that can cause frustration to step-parents; things that likely wouldn't bother us in first family scenarios. Parenting in general isn't easy but step-parenting comes with a different set of dynamics that at times, can leave you feeling like the black sheep in the family or tightly coiled like a spring.
The baby we've had together would be fine. He is morally and financially tied to her, and unlike my daughter's father, he's a good person. His daily care of his son from his first marriage proves he does not walk away from his children. My baby will not be left fatherless. But my daughter?
A blended family includes children from a previous marriage of one spouse or both, and being a parent or step parent in these circumstances presents its own unique challenges and rewards. While you don't necessarily have to rewrite your parenting rules in blended family, it is important to quickly establish a clear role for the new step parents.
Fairy tales did us step parents a huge disservice with tales of evil step mums. Both Cinderella and Snow White suffered cruelty at the hands of their respective step mums and unfortunately that image has stuck with children. After all, as children we believe fairy tales to be real!
Now, when I mention the word 'befriend', I don't mean that there is a level of expectation that you need to suggest nights out or shopping trips with the ex. However, perhaps you have made several attempts to reach out to her but things seem to be going awry.
Fact: I am a step child. Another fact: More than once in my life I have been told not to refer to myself in this way. Why is there an aversion to using this phrase? What is the problem with acknowledging I am a step child with step relatives? It is, after all, merely a statement of fact.
I knew I had come across that one in a million when not long after we had started going out (I think I am still young enough to use this term. Just.) when he offered to take Joseph to the playground opposite and give me half an hour's break. He knew that a half an hour's peace actually meant fucking everything at that stage. Still does if I'm honest.
It is time to step up and be the step country these children need. I am talking about those 95,000 unaccompanied child refugees
I'm a stepmum, even though I hate calling myself that because it conjures up images of an evil stepmother that I sincerely