Stephanie Pratt

Following the news that ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ contestant Claire King will not be well enough to return to the house, her
LIKE US ON FACEBOOK | FOLLOW US ON TWITTER Stephanie Pratt has also been nominated by her co-habitants One of those six contestants
Finally, after plenty of goading from their fellow housemates, Stephanie Pratt and George Gilbey have shared a kiss in the
No sooner was David McIntosh strutting out of the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house on Wednesday night, than the remaining contestants
It doesn’t feel like five minutes since Helen Wood emerged through the doors of the ‘Big Brother’ house to be crowned the
Stephanie Pratt is no stranger to reality TV - she's already starred in ‘The Hills’ and recently caused a stir in ‘Made In
How did Binky end up having to have this conversation? Because she's a girl... And he did that classic thing that the most