Student Debt

Our culture continually celebrates women for who they are and what they do for everyone else.
New MP for Coventry South was in first cohort of students to pay £9,000 a year and says she is in £50,000 of debt.
“I know my class will make sure they pay this forward,” Robert Smith told 400 students.
With rising living costs, lower wages and more debt, millennials are the first modern generation to be worse off than their parents. From student debt to becoming a homeowner, here are some financial obstacles you might face as a millennial.
'One year I paid £600 off my loan - but I added £620 in interest'
Morris Masutha says many students end up being tied to debt for the rest of their lives.
The last Autumn Statement gave scant regard to younger generations. Fast forward to the forthcoming Budget and already there
If two-year degrees are adopted far and wide, with Government zeal equivalent to the past and present campaigns for apprenticeships, the timebomb of debt and dissatisfaction will be defused just in time.
I know many may feel they have been tricked into voting for a party on this basis. This is wrong and extremely disappointing - I'm sure you would agree with me that politicians should be straight about what we can and cannot afford to do.
For an 18-year-old with limited experience of the earnings and tax system, it's not easy to predict the long-term effects of borrowing £44,000 to fund their degree.