student finance

I am earning money already and learning how to manage my finances. Whereas if I had gone to University, I would have around £66k debt to pay! To make matters worse, Computer Science graduates are earning less every year, they are earning on average £2,261 less today than in 2007. Instead, I will have earned over £66k creating a difference of over £132k!
How universities can expect Arts students, for example, to pay £9,000 for a reading-based degree with the essential ingredients not included, I don't know... Expensive reading lists are an irritating, tiresome and unnecessary addition to the financial burden already placed on students, and it makes the annual £9,000 tuition fee seem even more of a rip-off than we originally thought.
What can students do to alleviate or at least mitigate these burdensome, high levels of debt and not be crushed by the sheer prospect of it? ... The following tips might just help you out when it comes to that sticky, awkward time between payday and creditor knocking on your door day.
We shouldn't fall into the trap of talking numbers when it comes to education - whether in the arts, humanities or STEM subjects... Education is too important. It is more than dollar signs. It needn't be a scarce resource to offer something valuable.
Be warned. If you're considering a legal career, make sure you've thought it through carefully... Today, law firms and chambers are expecting more from potential trainees and pupils than ever before. Before embarking on this major journey, start to think about what it is you really want to do and what will make you happy.
As a student, the money you invest in affordable in art may well perish like the groceries you sought to avoid budgeting for, but the fair caters for a demographic with a disposable income. So see art at this level as an indulgence to be enjoyed later in life rather a scheme to help stay off budgeting.
Of course, a huge problem of being a student has to be having dealings with Student Finance England or not them again, as I prefer to call them. Student Finance England are very much like the sexually transmitted infection Herpes, no matter what you do or say, all it takes is one encounter and you are riddled for life...
For me, achieving a degree was important because I wanted to create a comfortable and stable life for my family as well as build a successful career. However, everyone has different reasons and this year I've been really interested to hear what higher education means to prospective students, through my role on the Student Finance Tour.
Students are living in poverty, and it is not even on the radar on the political agenda. There are two key issues here; firstly, the general cost of living is going up, whilst the amount of loan and grants that students are receiving are remaining entirely still.
Throughout the week, universities and colleges threw open their doors for open days and public events to encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to consider applying to university or college. It's a great example of the Government and higher education sector working collaboratively...