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Hundreds of people shout mercilessly at a single outcast person until they have removed that particular item of clothing. It's almost as if the American student population aren't aware that people's choice of clothes do not necessarily match, through the random and arbitrary association of color, their actual views, opinions and sporting inclinations.
It's been a while since I posted last, and it's fair to say a lot has happened. The festive season saw me add a few more American states and cities to my list, and after spending a week in New Jersey with a friend, I met up with my family in Boston.
It has come to the point where I find myself yearning for conversation that doesn't begin with the phrase "Oh my god, do you have an accent?" or any of its equally obnoxious and evil counterparts. In the beginning, I admit, it was rather fun and for a while I even played up to it.
UK students and graduates are facing a difficult and competitive employment market. It's important to adopt a global outlook when it comes to study and work, so candidates who have international experience (in almost any way) will undoubtedly have an advantage when it comes to applying for jobs.
Erasmus has given almost three million students the opportunity to study or work in another European country. But in recent years it's had to endure risks of funding shortfalls due to European governments' ongoing wrangles over the EU budget.
As I sit here writing my final blog of the Fall semester, it's almost hard to believe that I am already halfway through the 2012/13 academic year at Washington College.
My history professor came to class dressed in full 'Class of 1925' attire, all authentic and original. A true sight to behold, it showed just how seriously the Americans take the holiday, and that you're never too old for it!
As a record-breaking and ever-increasing number of British students are becoming curious about the possibility of studying in another country, there is growing demand for information about studying abroad.
Having a direct link to your friends and loved ones DOES make life easier. You can connect with your family in a matter of seconds via the Internet, rather than having to wait for days for letters to be delivered by post.
The United States is the top destination for students from all over the world, including those from the UK. Nearly 9,000 British students studied in the USA in the 2010-2011 academic year. Four and a half thousand people registered for the fair this year, 500 more than last year. For the first time in its history, the event started on Friday evening to meet growing demand.