Substance abuse

Far from being faceless statistics each death represents an individual, family and community tragedy on a shocking scale, Joanna Cherry writes.
“We witnessed many prisoners under the influence of drugs, and some openly using and trafficking them around the site."
People in the north-east were also shown to be three times as likely to die from drug misuse as those in London.
'Prosecution for drug use often amounts to criminalising the illness of addiction. Far from being a solution, the criminal justice system exacerbates the problem.'
Xanax, or ‘Xanny’, as I was corrected by an 18-year-old, is a benzodiazepine, twenty times the strength of Valium and is a Class C drug
Yet at a time when demand for council children's services is rising, severe Government funding cuts are leaving more children and their families to deal with problems alone. We are really concerned that without additional investment in this vital early support, more families will quickly reach crisis point and the risks for the children involved will grow.
The importance of increasing public understanding of mental health cannot be overstated -as a criminal defence solicitor I have seen first-hand the devastation a failure to identify and adequately respond to mental illness can wreak on a vulnerable person's life.
Specialist women's centres are a vital resource for women often when they are at their most vulnerable and most in need of support. It is possible to realise lasting positive change for the thousands of women experiencing multiple disadvantage. But that can only happen if the existing organisations, those already providing holistic women-centred services, are able to survive.
Isolation can be a cause of addiction. It's also a common symptom. It might be a chicken or the egg argument, but addicted individuals tend to isolate themselves in order to hide their addiction. On the other hand, isolation can also be the trigger that leads people down the road of substance abuse.