Homes in some of England's most idyllic beauty spots have increased by 87% - or nearly £110,000 - in value over the last
A man has been charged after a motorist drove the wrong way round the M25 in a police car chase. The driver arrived on Britain's
A school fed a six-year-old girl bread and jam for lunch because her mother had not paid a £4 debt, it has been reported
A teacher at a prestigious independent school has died following a skiing accident in the French Alps, the school has said
A school has introduced a new way of getting truanting pupils to class - picking them up in the school bus. Harris Academy
A theme park has had to take "drastic measures" after dummies tested on a new rollercoaster were "alarmingly" damaged, some
A wheelchair-bound pensioner has been caught on camera apparently stealing a mechanical elf from a garden centre. Chippy
A dead body discovered on a dual carriageway in Surrey was driven over by several drivers before it was reported to the police
Apple's iPhone has always allowed you to carry around thousands of songs, TV shows and emails in your pocket. Now, thanks
A MOTHER-of-two brutally murdered a lonely 82-year-old widower to get her hands on £250,000, a court heard. Ann Browning