30-year-old Cameron Ely was shot dead by police.
Forget Disney, forget Phil Collins and forget coherency. Yates's take will leave hearts swooning for the leading couple, but if it's not a catwalk you're after, or melodrama, then you might as well pretend this film never existed. This is for teenage girls who can handle a little angst.
My body aches today from carrying the bag but I'm feeling good. I had expected to feel scared and thought I'd need to address that before going on my run but it turns out, I'm quite pragmatic. I remember thinking that being scared would be no good at all so I guess I just forced myself to be at ease. I am ManWoman.
Jessica Chastain could be set to play Jane in a new 'Tarzan' movie. The actress - who was nominated for an Oscar for her
'Harry Potter' director David Yates has reportedly signed on to bring ape man 'Tarzan' back to the big screen. Warner Bros
A black and white snap showing an “apeman” cowering between a smartly-dressed man and woman has gone viral. The picture is
Back in January we saw a jaw-dropping video of 71 different people covering Adele's Rolling In The Deep in just one music
Cheetah the chimp, the Hollywood monkey who “acted” in Tarzan films in the 1930s has died aged 80, according to the sanctuary