Dalian Atkinson died after being tasered by police without body cameras.
A “complete lack of consistency” among police forces in the deployment of body cameras to officers armed with Tasers has
The man who put stun guns in the hands of British police has called for their use to be questioned following the release
When I joined all those years back I was sure that the UK Police should be unarmed. Now I can hear the cogs whirring. Ah, but now having been shot and had colleagues and friends lose their lives, you have now changed your mind! Actually no.
All front-line police officers should be armed with a Taser because of the heightened security threat, the head of the Police
Students have been arrested, sprayed with tear gas and threatened with tasers at the University of Warwick, after a peaceful education protest turned violent on Wednesday.
In which a US Air Force soldier gets tasered as part of her training... and she's not the only one who feels it. (Via Daily
This morning the Office of National Statistics revealed the long-delayed force-by-force breakdown of taser usage for 2010 and 2011. The figures make grim reading.
The use of Tasers by police forces in England and Wales has more than doubled over two years, raising concerns from lawyers
A man has died after police shot him with a Taser, Greater Manchester Police have said. The 23-year-old suffered a "medical