Tea Party

While Romney seems to be on a roll at the moment, it is perhaps a little early for him to be planning how to beat Obama in November. Before he tries to win over America, he must first convince the 60% of his own party that didn't vote for him in New Hampshire that he's the man for the job.
As the first Republican presidential candidate -- except for a sitting president -- to sweep both Iowa and New Hampshire, Mitt Romney seems poised to capture South Carolina this Saturday and go on to win the nomination of his party.
Here's a memo to aspiring presidents: You have to appeal to all your bases and only a conservative can do that. This is the easy bit, getting your party behind you. The tough part is getting everyone else to vote for you.
Conservative columnist Brendan O'Neill and other critics like him have always looked to talismans of youthful protest, such as fashion, such as music, to underwrite and dismiss the whole enterprise, but this attitude, surely, is in need of revision.
The Labour MP Tristram Hunt has praised the Tea Party as a model for re-engaging people with politics, and also encouraged
America as an epicenter of political and economic prowess has always been a fascinating case study. With a population of
For Chris Huhne and Lib Dem party activists, associating their coalition partners with the much despised American right is just about the worst slur in the liberal book.
Chris Huhne has vowed to get consumers "the best possible deal" after a wave of price rises from the big six energy companies
'It'd be ironic if you now started a Pray For Cameron movement,' a friend said to me recently. It shouldn't be, of course. I'm a Christian. Praying for the people we dislike is repeatedly commanded by Jesus.
US Senators have passed a bill that will raise the debt ceiling and stop the country defaulting on its loans, but cut government