A teenager thought it would be funny to text a random phone number saying she had hidden a body, but the joke backfired. The
If you're easily offended by NSFW language, scared of Paris Hilton or unamused by terrible music/terrible music videos, then
An author who has written in text speak could soon be all smiley faces and LOLs after finding himself in the running for
Everyone knows how dangerous texting is while walking, right? Not so much. Just take a look at this rather worrying YouTube
The emoticon got cool again. The simple and cheeky communicative zeitgeist that is the smiley face of the 21st century is no longer confined to the realm of teenage girls (perhaps because social media is no longer confined to the realm of teenagers).
Remember documentary maker Casey Neistat? He's the man who brought us the whisky/water trick video a couple of weeks ago
One in six children is failing to read books as they spend an increasing amount of time text messaging friends, sending emails