The Queen

The Queen has heard first hand about the devastating floods that deluged Brisbane as she took a trip up the river that wreaked
Australia's prime minister Julia Gillard insisted she did not break royal protocol by deciding not to curtsy to the Queen
A solicitor from the prestigious law firm which represents the Queen has said he was aware phone hacking at the News of the
What to wear when meeting the Queen? It's a question that must have caused hours of angst and sleepless night's for aristocracy
As Sir Bruce is now a Knight Bachelor he received just a badge (worn round the neck), whereas Knights of an Order of Chivalry receive a star pinned on the left side of the coat and a badge.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Veteran entertainer Sir Bruce Forsyth is to be knighted by the Queen for a career spanning almost 70
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Dame Helen Mirren has defended Russell Brand over his prank phone calls - saying that it is a comedian's
Artist David Hockney has revealed he turned down a request to paint the Queen because he was "very busy". The 74-year-old
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Prince Harry has revealed he did not inform the Queen of his daring trip to the Arctic in which he battled
Like most members of the British public I have a strong conviction that with power and influence must come accountability