The Queen

The final three episodes of Harry & Meghan have dropped – and here's what the couple reveal.
The Prince and Princess of Wales also said they're "delighted" to be back in the states for the first time since 2014.
And why it's expected to be quite different from the Queen's ceremony 70 years ago.
You'll still be able to use coins with the Queen's face on for years to come, apparently.
The certificate also revealed how long the Queen was dead before it was announced publicly — and her occupation.
A beautiful portrait of the late monarch signalled a return to official duties for members of the royal family.
"They did nothing wrong... But foolish of them to not think that people would be annoyed.”
Fears that the tribute to Queen Elizabeth II may be disrupted by republican protesters proved to be unfounded.
The previously unreleased picture from Buckingham Palace honours Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip in a special way.
The broadcaster previously apologised after one of its reporters mistakenly referred to a march as a gathering for the late monarch.