the troubles

The former British prime minister admitted there were some things they could have done differently during the "rollercoaster" negotiations.
We have a responsibility to ensure Lyra’s death was not in vain. Instead let her murder be a warning of what can happen when politicians and the powers that be tune out
Stormont has lain empty for over 2 years, with no debates, votes or bills having taken place since the power sharing government collapsed in 2017. Life changing decisions for the people of Northern Ireland have been postponed. The law on two key social issues puts Northern Ireland apart from the rest of the UK, the strict restrictions on abortion and the ban on gay marriage. These two campaigns are voicing their disbelief at the lack of progress and the seeming unwillingness of Westminster to intervene.
Minister admits claim deaths caused by soldiers during conflict were "not crimes" was "deeply insensitive".
'It’s hard to believe that a senior politician is so ill informed.'
Forty-six years after she was killed, the first person to be charged over her death will appear in court.
'He was propelled into the headlines because of Bloody Sunday.'
'I remember checkpoints as a kid. I remember machine guns and dogs.'